Henry Engineering USB AES MatchBox
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Henry Engineering USB-AES MatchBox - USB <> AES Professional Digital Audio Interface. The USB-AES Matchbox is a professional digital audio interface and digital-to-analogue converter. The unit provides AES/EBU digital audio inputs and outputs for any computer that supports USB. The USB-AES Matchbox is ideal for broadcast stations, commercial sound, and any application where AES/EBU digital audio needs to interface with a computer. The USB-AES Matchbox is USB powered.

The USB-AES Matchbox connects to the computer via a USB port. Any O/S that supports USB 1.1 or higher can be used; no special driver or software is needed. The unit provides AES/EBU professional digital audio input and output via XLR connectors. Sample rates of 48.0, 44.1, and 32.0 kHz are supported with 16 bit resolution. The AES/EBU inputs and outputs are balanced and transformer isolated, providing galvanic isolation to eliminate any chance of hum or noise caused by ground loops. Auxiliary S/PDIF unbalanced digital I/O allows use with consumer digital equipment.

The USB-AES Matchbox also provides professional analogue line level outputs on XLR connectors. The analogue outputs, utilizing a Burr-Brown 8X oversampled D/A converter and advanced filtering technology, produces stellar performance that outperforms virtually any sound card and often surpasses the audio quality of many 24 bit systems. The analogue output levels are adjustable with Output Level trimmers recessed behind the front panel. The internal switch-mode 30-volt supply ensures 20db of headroom above normal operating level.

Other useful features include Output Confirm LEDs that indicate the presence of output audio, and a Monitor output for use with amplified monitor speakers. The Monitor output can be muted with an external contact closure via the Mute port. The steel chassis provides effective RF and EMI shielding. The unit is compliant with the most recent AES grounding standard.

The USB-AES Matchbox is 1/3 rack width, and can be rack-mounted using the optional rack-mount shelf, or cabinet or wall mounted using optional wall mounting brackets.

Technical Data:
• AES I/O: 110Ω, transformer balanced on XLR connectors
• SPDIF I/O: Level: 75Ω, unbalanced on RCA connectors
• Line Outputs: low impedance, balanced, +24dBu maximum
Level: +4 dBu = -15 dBFs nominal
• Monitor Output: unbalanced on 3.5mm stereo jack (suits powered speakers)
• Monitor Output: -10 dBv = -15 dBfs nominal
• Mute Control: GPI closure mutes Monitor
• USB Compliance: USB 1.1 or higher
• Sample Rates: 32, 44.1, 48 kHz
• Bit Depth: 16-Bit Delta-Sigma DAC
• O/S supported: MS-Windows, Linux
• Power: USB powered
• Size: 5.70" w x 6.00" d x 1.70" h
• Weight: 3 lbs
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